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TimeOut New York Review: ‘The Castle’

Shakespearean in scope, Brechtian in attitude and Jacobean in sensibility—one stroke of pitch-black comedy finds a woman condemned to drag around the rotting corpse of the man she has murdered—The Castle is a scabrous masterwork.Adam Feldman, TimeOut New Nork

Adam Feldman's Review of PTP/NYC's 'The Castle' in TimeOut New York

Backstage Review: ‘Serious Money’

Churchill’s piercing and merciless portrait of the world of stocks, trades, and arbitrage has a frighteningly familiar resonance.David Sheward, Backstage

David Sheward's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Serious Money' in Backstage

New York Times Review: ‘Serious Money’

In the Potomac Theater Project production, the over-the-top comedy remains raw and urgent, a scathing critique of capitalism that has no use for balance.Daniel M. Gold, New York Times

Daniel M. Gold's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Serious Money' in the New York Times

New York Times Review: ‘Victory: Choices In Reaction’

The show’s energy — shot from a cannon by Richard Romagnoli, the director — blazes like fireworks in the hands of an outstanding ensemble cast.Anita Gates, New York Times

Anita Gates's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Victory: Choices In Reaction' in the New York Times

Woman Around Town Review: ‘Victory: Choices In Reaction’

Romagnoli’s production is a stimulating, in-your-face thrill that is grounded by a subtle through-line of sexual guilt and endurance at all costs.Alicia Schaeffer, Woman Around Town

Alicia Schaeffer's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Victory: Choices In Reaction' in Woman Around Town

Stage and Cinema Review: ‘Lovesong of the Electric Bear’

Lovesong of the Electric Bear is charming and funny portrait of a man who helped to shape the world in which we live.Alexander Harrington, Stage and Cinema

Alexander Harrington's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Lovesong of the Electric Bear' in Stage and Cinema

Theatre Is Easy Review: ‘A Question of Mercy’

Completely gripping. This life and death tale questions the moral implications involved with assisted suicide, and the honor behind the action. A serious and provocative night at the theatre.Molly Marinik, Theatre Is Easy

Molly Marinik's Review of PTP/NYC's 'A Question of Mercy' in Theatre Is Easy

TimeOut New York Review: ‘No End of Blame’

The cast, many of them recent Middlebury College graduates, impress consistently, perhaps because they follow Draper’s lead: Along with Christopher Duva, who plays Bela’s not-so-constant companion, he offers a course in boldly drawn character.Helen Shaw, TimeOut New Nork

Helen Shaw's Review of PTP/NYC's 'No End of Blame' in TimeOut New York

Backstage Review: ‘Politics of Passion’

Director Cheryl Faraone, Potomac’s co-artistic director, has staged things fluidly: Actors simply rearrange chairs and other furniture to suggest varied locales. The Potomac Theatre Project is a welcome addition to the New York theatre scene.Ron Cohen, Backstage

Ron Cohen's Review of PTP/NYC's 'Politics of Passion' in Backstage