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PTPNYC offers dedicated Middlebury undergraduates a glimpse of reality in the world of theatre after college while helping professional actors, directors and designers revitalize their creative spirit. This company also brings to the attention of a large and diverse audience Middlebury College’s unique support for the arts.

PTP/NYC has given undergraduates the opportunity through its summer-long programming to work alongside established Equity actors and other professionals, doing everything from performing on stage and designing sets and costumes to managing company business and marketing. Students are enlisted to aid in every single aspect of the company’s business, and that has proved to be an unparalleled experience.

More than 275 Middlebury College students have been PTP/NYC company members at some point during or after their college career. Many are now returning as members of the professional acting company to lead and mentor today’s young undergraduates. They go on to become actors in stage, television and film; playwrights; costume designers; lighting and sound technicians; theatre founders, managers, and professors of theatre. Some pursue other careers entirely, but often recall how their PTP/NYC encounters have helped shaped the person they’ve become in one way or another, a tribute to their infinitely unique Middlebury College undergraduate experience.

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