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Kristen Connolly

“Performing at PTP alongside professionals (and being held to the same standards) showed me first-hand how much hard work and discipline go into the process of creating theater. It also showed me how rewarding that process can be. I left PTP with the tools and practical experience to embark on my own career, and the inspiration to begin the journey.”

Kristen is an actor, MFA Yale School of Drama, series regular House of Cards, A Cabin in the Woods, A Good Marriage, NYC.

Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy Freeman“Wherever my career goes and whatever heights I haven’t even thought about reaching yet, I know that PTP was a large building block and distinct turning point in my journey. I hope I get to return every so often to remember just how great it is.”

Cassidy is an actor, producer, YELLOWBRICKROAD, series regular Longmire, Smallville, The Playboy Club, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Matt Saldivar

Matt Saldivar“When asked how long I have been an actor I say twenty years. That is because it was twenty years ago that PTP offered me my first opportunity to work as an actor in a professional theater. My career as a professional actor continues to be driven by the values instilled in me at Middlebury College and PTP. I am deeply grateful for the experience.”

Matt is an actor, MFA Tisch School of the Arts, Broadway: Peter and the Starcatcher, Grease, The Wedding Singer, A Streetcar Named Desire, NYC.

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap“It was amazing to be given the chance, right out of school, to work with professional actors. I grilled them mercilessly- I asked them everything about their lives in the theatre, how they got work, and what I needed to do to keep working. They were inspirational, and I saw that life as an actor was not only possible, but was a daring and rewarding choice.”

Anna Belknap, actor, MFA American Conservatory Theater, Det. Lindsay Monroe, CSI: NY, Los Angeles.

Carl Forsman

Carl Forsman“When I was a student at Middlebury, PTP meant that the conversation we were having about the theater was not just theoretical. It meant that for all of our politics, and ideas, and convictions, the goal of making work as professionals was not just possible, it was necessary. In my eleven years running a small theater company in New York, I have had many reasons to be grateful that my mentors at Middlebury knew firsthand the challenge and value of making art. And now that they are back in New York, I get the great privilege of being an audience member, and now I am inspired by them all over again.”

Carl is artistic director, Obie Award-winning Keen, Dean of the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Megan Byrne

Megan Byrne“PTP introduced me to an incredible community of artists. People I first worked with in 1996 as a student in PTP are now among my most cherished collaborators, colleagues and friends. PTP and the Theatre Department remain among Middlebury’s greatest assets.”

Megan is an actor and teacher, MFA UC Irvine, NYC.

Dan O’Brien

Dan O’Brien“PTP was a wonderful experience, my first in a professional theatre setting, living a theatre artist’s life. An honor — and a rarity — to be doing such serious theatre. I acted a little, but what I remember most is running the soundboard for Scenes From an Execution. Something about watching that show over and over again — it was a blessing to a nascent playwright. And speaking of playwriting, my first professional reading was with PTP in 1995, directed by Doug Sprigg, and starring none other than Alex Draper. It’s hard to overestimate the confidence that gave me. Enough to propel me through the first years of an insane career.”

Dan is a playwright, MFA Brown University, winner of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama, Los Angeles.

Tara Giordano

Tara Giordano“When I was looking at colleges, there was a Middlebury Magazine cover story on PTP, and it sparked my interest in the school. Little did I know that PTP would become a major part of my artistic life and a springboard for my acting career.”

Tara is an actor, MFA Candidate, Academy for Classical Acting, NYC.

David Barlow

David Barlow“Not only did I begin my professional career with PTP, but I am also lucky enough to participate more than a decade later in a process of theater making that is visceral, smart, challenging, fun, and above all unique in New York City.”

David is an actor and playwright, MFA Tisch School of the Arts, NYC.

Lily Balsen

Lily Balsen“PTP inspired me and connected me to Middlebury’s diverse group of theatre artists. I am so grateful to Cheryl and Richard for their generosity with students and alumni; they have built a company that is a home.”

Lily is an actor, NYC.

Christian Parker

Christian Parker“Were it not for the inspiring, rigorous education I got at Middlebury, I would not have the career I feel so proud of today. Just as significantly, the community of artist alumni from Middlebury has supported, buoyed, inspired and collaborated with me time after time since I graduated in 1993. For so many of them, their experience as students and professionals working with PTP has been a cornerstone of their artistic development as well. When I found myself in a position to help PTP relocate to New York and establish a home at the Atlantic Theater Company, it was a no-brainer. PTP offers an entirely unique professional immersion in the theatre for Middlebury students, who find themselves surrounded by older generations of top-notch artists who share a sense of purpose, intellectual inquiry and a vigorous work ethic. It’s a great pleasure to me to help give back to Middlebury by playing host to PTP each summer.”

Christian is Associate Artistic Director, Atlantic Theater Company; Associate Professor and Chair of MFA Theatre, Columbia University School of the Arts.

Ana Reeder

Ana Reeder“PTP provided me with my first taste of the profoundly satisfying discipline required to show up daily and put into practice the serious endeavor of playing with intent, to which I now have devoted my life. And this in the company of my friends, professional actors whom I greatly respect, and my beloved teachers and mentors. The atmosphere of safety, rigor and freedom was formative to me as a person and an artist. I am most grateful for the opportunity to experience such a thing. It has stayed with me.”

Ana is an actor, MFA Tisch School of the Arts, No Country for Old Men, Damages, Broadway: Top Girls, The Big Knife, NYC.

Bill Army

Bill Army“The Potomac Theatre Project gives an extraordinary opportunity for undergraduate students to work in the theatre as an acting intern. You get a taste of everything that is necessary to running a theatre company. You build relationships- lasting professional and personal relationships. And, you get the opportunity to work on theatrical political material- material that is hardly ever brought to life in this country. I do not know of another undergraduate program that can boast its equal. I am a proud alum of four seasons, and I will always think of PTP as home.”

Bill is an actor; MFA Tisch School of the Arts; Broadway: Relatively Speaking; Off Broadway: Old Jews Telling Jokes, NYC.